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A short form content agency for your long term brand.

Our expert team helps you write Badass content and create Kickass videos tailored to your brand. It's time you stop cooking in the same room as your competition.

It is tough. like really tough!

Building a brand is tougher than you think...

But not for us! We've been doing it for years and will keep doing it unless AI completely replaces us.Till then, you have us and the AI we use!Work with our expert strategists, writers, and video editors to create content that builds your unforgettable brand.

offering a Done for you service

No more worrying about...

hiring multiple contractors for ghostwriting, video editing, strategy, and posting. We take care of everything. After all, this is what a DONE FOR YOU service means!You only need to tell us your stories, record some videos (if you want), and leave the rest to our media lab.

We'll build your multi-channel brand

"We are the smartest content repurposing agency.
Create once, improvise, post multiple times."

Interested in knowing our process? Here:

Step 1

We put the odds in your favor

Half of Twitter (now X) and 90% of Instagram users have less than 5000 followers. Only 2.5% of YouTubers get past 1000 subscribers. And LinkedIn still has only 2% of users above 10,000 followers.But we'll help you break these curses in no time! We start with a highly-specific Content Strategy based on your inputs.

step 2

Content Pillar and writing

Once we figure out the strategy, we come up with 3 content pillars that'll establish you as an Authority.
Then we get down to the writing business. Our expert writers start off with LinkedIn posts, Tweets, and Video Scripts.
In bulk!

step 3

Your turn! Read and record

We forward the textual content for you to have a look at. Don't worry, we offer unlimited revisions.Now, if you are with us for IG branding, you'll get a separate file with video scripts. Record, send them over, and relax.

step 4

Content and video editing

Last but not least, we give the texts a final touch and make the content ready for outside world.Once you audit the content strategy, ideas, and approve them, we give them a final touch. Optimize them for your brand. And then....

step 5

Optimization and posting

You know how important proofreading and video optimization are. It's so hard to get everything right! Not for us. We give a final touch and storm the internet with your content.POST, POST, POST. GROW, GROW, GROW.By the way, there is still much more to do behind the scenes. We don't want to bore you, if we haven't already.

We're not just words! Hear it from our clients:


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Doesn't matter if you have 0 followers or a 100K+ followers, there is always a room to grow.Grow better and faster with VCMedia Labs. Starting as low as $1,999/month.

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